Respite for your horse and soul

Summerwood Stables is a tranquil respite not only for your horse but for your soul. The entire staff, on-site trainers (Erin- biomechanics/Meghan- Dressage) and guest trainers, have your horses highest interests at heart, but also the desire to see the all humans fulfill their dreams. Whether your horse is retired, semi-retired or competing any level of Dressage or Eventing, Monica and her staff provide you with the tools to flourish.

There are monthly barn activities and a welcoming environment for the humans and for the horses to bond. If you desire solitude, there is plenty of space for you throughout the 25 acre facility and nearby trails.

Monica pairs each horse with a well matched pasture mate, or none, depending on your horses needs. The on-site trainers work together or separately and easily complement one another’s styles to help you achieve your goals.

Summerwood invites in a 3 star jump trainer weekly, a biomechanics specialist monthly, a 5 star Event Coach based in Ocala for competitions with bimonthly visits to Summerwood, along with Olympic Dressage and Event trainers for clinics quarterly. Some times these events are more frequent during season and opened to outside guests. Keep an eye on the website if you are still on a waitlist or happy in your current barn home, but want to participate.

The entire facility is spacious and provides 4 riding areas (covered, dressage, cross country and jump field), many pastures and grazing areas, and wifi throughout for distance learning. As a bonus for the busy humans, there is an outdoor shower that transports you to Bali as you prepare for the rest of your day, or for your post ride massage in the barns massage room.

Additionally, the horses are able to receive a cold or hot shower and variety of body work modalities. There is a monthly schedule of veterinarians, practitioners and farriers invited to the barn. On-site we are lucky to access a theraplate, level 3 laser and magnawave practitioner.

I have a 20 year old semi retired horse that has never been happier, and a young dressage horse, that’s gotten spoiled early on. I travel for work, and I am fortunate to never worry about their care while I’m away. We are blessed to be part of this barn family with a fantastic care and a zen environment for all!