Horse Boarding & Care

We are a 16 Stall open air barn.  Horses can see each other within their stalls with bars on each side, an open back so horses can watch what is going on around the farm and a door yoke to be able to watch out the front of their stall.  Socialization is a big factor for the horses at Summerwood and we do try to incorporate horses into herds in our green grassy pastures as much as possible.  If a horse is not in a herd we have smaller grassy pastures for single horse turnout.  We strive to have the horses out on pasture a minimum of 6-8 hours/day minimum so that they can stretch their legs and run and play.

Stalls are picked 3 times per day , horses are fed a good quality grain and hay 3-4 times per day and automatic waterers with monitors are used in the stalls.  Food and water consumption is recorded on boards outside the stall along with turnout times so owners know exactly what is going on.  We feed mainly Timothy, O&A hay 3-4 times per day.  There are grooms available to groom, rinse, clip and pull manes on horses as needed. We automatically do small treatments for scratches, picking hooves, applying thrush medicine and any other small treatment needed.  That is part of our shift routines and is not extra.   buckets are washed weekly or more as needed and waterers are cleaned daily.  Pasture troughs are emptied and cleaned weekly.  Horses are watched and checked on a daily basis. We keep track of having the farrier out and are available to hold the horse for the vet as needed.  

We have a 100 X 100 covered arena along with a newly installed 66 X 200 outdoor arena to allow for private time for working your horse along with the use of the covered arena for turn out when it is too wet to turn horses out to avoid skin and hoof issues.

 All of us at Summerwood care deeply about the care given to the hoses and we all work together as a team to make sure the care is the very best we can give.  We want you as the owner to enjoy your horse but also be able to leave and know your horse is taken care of as one of our own.  We send pictures to you when we get good shots so you can see your horse even if you are not able to be there. Our goal is to make sure you don't worry!!

Please contact us with questions @    or    call Monica @ 561-427-3839 [....]

Biomechanics Dressage/Rehab Training

Meet our trainers:

Senior Trainer: Solo Halle


Distinguished in Dressage and renowned for her specialized methods Ms. Halle is a certified Level 1 Coach by Equine Canada with more than 18 years of experience.  Trained under the renowned Olympic Trainer and founder of  biomechanics-based training, Jean Luc Cornille, Ms Halle has become very talented at biomechanics-based equine performance analysis.  Biomechanics is the science of the body movement and has become an increasingly crucial component in equestrian sports - particularly Dressage, which relies on an intense symbiotic relationship between rider and horse in order to execute precise nuances and create beautiful movement.  A pioneer in biomechanics-based training, Ms. Halle has achieved international distinction for her individualized training programs.  After careful evaluation of each individual situation, she then designs an appropriate method and proprietary program of training for both horse and rider.  This revolutionary type of training is a prime opportunity that has led and will continue to lead all levels of riding not just  top caliber riders to the top of the podium as well as rehab militated horses to get a sound and functional body.

Her knowledge in rider's body awareness helps all level of riders to reach a real connection to be in harmony and be effective in their riding by using actual knowledge of the horses's biomechanics and to prepare it for performance.


Assistant Trainer: Erin Jewett

We are very happy and proud to have Erin Jewett as part of our team as assistant trainer under Solo Halle.

Erin has good horsemanship and talent to work with introductory riders with a background in helping start young horses and working with trail horses and Jumpers.

She is studying biomechanics under Solo Halle, who has gained international distinction for her individualized biomechanics training programs and is working at Summerwood Stables.  Erin is  passionate about rehabilitating horses in need.  She is patient to allow the horse to readapt and gain confidence in its body and mind.

"My experience is starting young horses over fences and teaching riders of all ages and abilities.

About 2015 my interests began to change as I started to notice how the horses were suffering.  I began picking up on cycles of injuries that were beyond "wear and tear" and how the training methods just involved tools, devices, bigger bits and bigger spurs.  Leading to broken bodies, minds and spirits.

"There Had To be a Different Way!"  which led me to Summerwood Stables and taking my first step in the work of biomechanics and riding for soundness instead of ribbons.  Transitioning into a biomechanics training methodology has been an eye opening and life changing journey that is far from over.  I am very excited to be joining Solo Halle to continue gaining the experience knowledge and feel necessary to help horses and riders find soundness.

At Summerwood I offer training of horse and rider on the ground and in the saddle.  My goal is to have a training program that can create safe, quiet, sound riding horses that are enjoyed by their owners/riders."

---Erin Jewett

Retreat Center & Accommodations

IMG_2715Summerwood Stables facility boasts retreat like accommodations with 2 different housing options:  The Residence and The Cottage

Our Residence contains 2 suites :

The Arabian is a luxury King bedroom suite with private entrance, Directv and hotel linens.  It has a sitting room with a mini frig/microwave and Keurig coffee maker.  There is an oversized walk in shower in the bathroom.  It also has its own private patio and French sliding doors to the covered pool.

The Percheron  Queen bedroom and single bedroom suite (2 bedrooms) with Directv has its own entrance  with a private bath.

 Common shared areas are a full kitchen, dining room, conference room and spacious living room with Directv looking out to the screened in pool area.  There are several private outdoor sitting areas along with a gas grill for outdoor  an barbecue.  Lush landscape for privacy and serene views of the horses in their pastures.  It also has a full size washer and dryer and a lovely powder room.

The house is very spacious and each suite has its own AC controls



Horses for Lease


Coming this fall to Summerwood, Gaisha is a lovely Trakehner/Hanoverian Mare

She is capable of  Third level Dressage and has been shown in Canada. She is 14 years old is quiet and very smooth.  

On-site lease or partial lease available.  Lessons will be required with on-site trainer.  Someone looking to show in Wellington or just have a good time on the trail - this mare is perfect!!


Available as a schoolmaster this winter.  Rose is a lovely Hanoverian mare

that has had a career as a  Grand Prix Dressage Horse.  She is 17 and has found

her  home here at Summerwood showing our boarders and clients the 

moves and capabilities of a high level balanced horse capable of ultimate lift and athleticism.

Inquire to get signed up for lessons.



Meet Ziggy - A 16 year old Registered Gaited Saddle Horse.  He is full of go but gentle and easy and fun to ride.  

He is available for on-site lease.  Strawberry Roan with a beautiful mane and tail, very trail ready and flashy!