Educational Seminars & Activities


We strive to improve the health, welfare and well being of the horse and human.   Our mission is for you to have a comfortable , pleasing experience where you and your horse can escape and feel comfortable to experience the pure joy of being around horses.

 Some of the events and activities we have hosted in our lodge in the past include:

 - Our local vet speaks on subject matter of choice

 - movie night

 - yoga (in our yoga area near the lodge)

 -  Jean Luc Cornille : Science of Motion weekend Clinic

 - Guest speakers on various subjects

We strive to make Summerwood a quiet, serene place for adults to enjoy their horse.  It is a place for you to come and relax with your horse.  We have several trail riders who enjoy the local trails on a daily basis.  Riders range from the easy walk to the trot and canter hack.  

After a long ride or for the comfort of a friend or husband we have a lounge in the barn where you can relax and have a cold drink or coffee.   [....] 

Jean Luc Cornille Lecture & Riding / Auditing Clinic Dates:      Jan 19-20,  Feb 16-17,  March 16-17, 2019

Horse Boarding & Care

We are a 16 Stall open air barn.  Horses can see each other within their stalls with bars on each side, an open back so horses can watch what is going on around the farm and a door yoke to be able to watch out the front of their stall.  Socialization is a big factor for the horses at Summerwood and we do try to incorporate horses into herds in our green grassy pastures as much as possible.  If a horse is not in a herd we have smaller grassy pastures for single horse turnout.  We strive to have the horses out on pasture a minimum of 6-8 hours/day so that they can stretch their legs and run and play.

Stalls are picked 3 times per day , horses are fed a good quality grain and hay 3 times per day and automatic waterers with monitors are used in the stalls.  Food and water consumption is recorded on boards outside the stall along with turnout times so owners know exactly what is going on.  We feed mainly Timothy, O&A hay 3 times per day.  There are grooms available to groom, rinse, clip and pull manes on horses as needed. We automatically do small treatments for scratches, picking hooves, applying thrush medicine and any other small treatment needed.  That is part of our shift routines and is not extra.   buckets are washed weekly or more as needed and waterers are cleaned daily.  Pasture troughs are emptied and cleaned weekly.  Horses are watched and checked on a daily basis. We keep track of having the farrier out and are available to hold the horse for the vet as needed.  

We have a 100 X 100 covered arena along with a newly installed 66 X 200 outdoor arena to allow for private time for working your horse along with the use of the covered arena for turn out when it is too wet to turn horses out to avoid skin and hoof issues.

 All of us at Summerwood care deeply about the care given to the hoses and we all work together as a team to make sure the care is the very best we can give.  We want you as the owner to enjoy your horse but also be able to leave and know your horse is taken care of as one of our own.  We send pictures to you when we get good shots so you can see your horse even if you are not able to be there. Our goal is to make sure you don't worry!!

Please contact us with questions @    or    call Monica @ 561-427-3839 [....]

Retreat Center & Accommodations

IMG_2715Summerwood Stables facility is available to host all types of clinics. Retreat like accommodations.   Our Residence boasts a luxury bedroom suite with private entrance, Directv and hotel linens, a Queen bedroom with Directv and a Single bedroom with its own entrance that can be rented together as a suite with a private bath.  A loft with 3 single beds including private bath and  hotel linens.   Common shared areas are a full kitchen, dining room, conference room and spacious living room with Directv looking out to the screened in pool area.  There are several private outdoor sitting areas along with a gas grill for outdoor  an barbecue.  Lush landscape for privacy and serene views of the horses in their pastures. [....]


Featured Events

    Jean Luc Cornille on April 28, 2018 8:30 am

    Unlocking the hidden talent of both horse and rider
    Educating how to avoid rider-induced lameness
    Resolving idiopathic lameness