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Erin Jewett

Erin believes that every ride should be therapeutic for the horse. She embraces the fundamental principle of dressage being a way to create/maintain soundness and longevity in any ridden horse.

Erin’s teaching style is patient, precise, and gentle. Focusing on balance, of both the rider and the horse, using unique techniques to improve posture and build strength. With a horse centered approach, she challenges her students to always be recognizing healthy and unhealthy patterns.

Erin teaches riders from all age groups and disciplines with any type of horse; novice to experienced riders, and horses at any level of training, can benefit from her unique skill set. Through the years Erin has worked with many different breeds within a variety of disciplines and has produced impressive results in even the most chronically lame horses. Horses suffering from ailments such as kissing spine, ECVM, tendon/ligament injury, and navicular syndrome have found relief within her program.
Erin helps riders to better understand their horse’s unique movement patterns and the role they play in the rehabilitation work needed for their horse. Teaching riders how, through awareness and better equitation, they can create soundness



Erin has been avidly involved in the equine industry for 25 years. Even after serving her country in the United States Marine Corps for 5 years, she quickly found her way back into the saddle. Erin started her career with horses at 8 years old. She mucked stalls for lessons and crushed soda cans with her grandmother for show money. Through her teens, Erin showed hunters locally and on the Quarter Horse circuit. She was also active in 4-H and competitive drill team.

Erin’s passion for biomechanics started when she joined Summerwood Stables. She worked closely with Solo Halle for a few years, and with Solos guidance, Erin has helped over 20 horses and riders find soundness through better balance.

Erin is a frequent participant in clinics and has had the honor of riding with Mary Wanless, Jean Luc Cornille, Heather Blitz, Rodrigo Matos, Bruno Gonzales, Na Christiani Veder, Lendon Gray, and Metta Larsen.

Review #1

I have had the pleasure of working with Erin for the past year and I feel so blessed to have found both her and Summerwood Stables. Erin continues to make me a much better rider and her knowledge of the biomechanics of the horse is astonishing. I have watched her take a chronically lame horse with Navicular and Kissing Spine and turn him into a happy, sound, beautiful ride. Although she is an excellent trainer, her rehabilitation methods are priceless, and I highly recommend anyone with behavior or soundness issues to contact her.

Review #2

Our eight year old daughter has been working with Erin for over a year, and she comes with our highest recommendation!  Erin’s instruction style is a fantastic balance of learning, caring, discipline, and fun.  She has a well rounded approach to teaching to include caring for the horse, tacking, ground handling, and riding skills. The building blocks she uses instills  confidence, especially in young riders.  As a parent, I trust Erin implicitly as I have watched her take utmost care of our daughter and of the horses.  We are truly grateful to work with her!

Review #3

I have been Erin’s student for the past three months and am astonished by the progress I have made! She not only has dramatically improved my riding, but the quality of my horse’s gaits and movements. Her knowledge of balanced riding, equine anatomy, and her ability to explain the rider’s position and use of aids is clear and precise. She has the health and well being of my horse as a priority. In addition to under-saddle instruction, Erin’s program of in-hand work to rehabilitate my horse has proven to increase his relaxation and suppleness. I am so grateful to have Erin as my instructor and look forward to continuing learning from her!