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We have 16 stalls available and 25 acres of pasture and riding area. Each stall is a generous 12×12 with windows both on the aisle and outside each stall. Stalls are separated with bars for safety but the open atmosphere allows horses to see each other and feel companionship with other horses.

Stall Management

  • Stalls are cleaned during the day and picked again at noon, PM shift and bed check to make sure the horse is not standing in urine all night or laying in dirty shavings
  • Automatic waterers in stalls and monitors. Water is run thru a softener to take out impurities.
  • Premium , no dust , shavings are used
  • Feed pans and buckets are washed daily
  • Each stall has 2 fans and additional fans are added to stalls in the summer
  • Mister system installed in each stall to lower the stall temperature on hot days
  • Manual fly control
Wash racks and tacking up areas have rubber brick footing and safe cross-ties.
Hot and cold softened water available for bathing.
Tack rooms are air conditioned. Additional storage locker for grooming supplies is also included.


  • Turnout during the day or overnight depending on you and your horse’s preference.  For day-time turnout in the summer we turnout twice – early morning and then again in the evening when the temps cool off.
  • We protect hooves and legs with barrier products when horses go out in poor, wet conditions to guard against leg and hoof issues.
  • We make every effort to adjust to inclement developing conditions (Heavy rain or Thunderstorms) by adjusting turnout
  • The covered arena is used as much as possible if the horses have to stay in for the day to let them stretch their legs
  • Water troughs are checked daily and kept clean. We work hard to keep the pastures green, and minimize weeds. Well maintained 4-board fending & no climb gates.
  • Horses are matched with a buddy, if possible at the owners’ request.


  • 3-4 feedings/day of hay and feed, depending on horses needs
  • Hay is fed first thing in the morning, then again at noon, pm shift and bed check to ensure they have hay continually available
  • Lunch is fed for those horses in need
  • There is a pm feeding and again at bed check for those horse’s in need
  • Hay is in the stalls when the horses return from the pasture to ensure a peaceful and calm return
  • Horses are all fed at the same time to ensure low anxiety
  • Proper diet is discussed with the trainer and owner to ensure optimum results
  • Supplements supplied by owner are added to feed upon request
  • Himalayan salt blocks are in each stall


  • Horses are rinsed when temperatures are very hot as they come in from the pasture   and put under fans in their stalls
  • Legs are rinsed if muddy 
  • Horses are brushed off and hooves are picked as the horses come in from pasture on a daily basis
  • Any minor scratches or hoof issues are treated to prevent bigger issues at no extra charge
  • Fly masks and sheets are put on as needed
  • Blankets are put on as needed
  • Extra fans are installed for hot months along with a mister system to cool the barn and stalls
  • Worming / Fecal worm load testing is done quarterly and is billed to owner


  • Trailer parking is included in the board price
  • Each horse will get an upper and lower saddle rack in the air conditioned tack room
  • Each owner gets a grooming cubby
  • Blankets are washed and folded and put away after season, fly masks are washed weekly or as needed.  
  • Pasture troughs are scrubbed weekly.
  • Pastures are swept on a regular basis and harrowed often.
  • Over seeding of pastures is done twice per year to ensure horses have plenty of green to nibble on
  • Pastures are also not overgrazed and herds are watched to ensure safety.
  • Boarder shower facility
  • Bathroom in barn
  • Washer & Dryer in barn for horse clothing and towels