DURING hurricane Irma My husband Tomas Ruzicka always tells me : “Hold on me and you will enjoy it twice.!” This hurricane was not an exception. On Saturday afternoon when all the families are boarded up and long time gone, Tomas, after studying all day the hurricane pass predictions , would take a few hours nap, because he needs to be rested and no important decision – if and where to move ,should be rushed. I am waiting all day and finally ! The Sat night decision is made, we move away from our house 1 mile from the sea and go with our baby Lucas and cat Cotton ( Erika was in Orlando already) to our dear friends Wally and Carol to Bonita Springs and if that is not enough we hit the road in the morning…and that is what actually happened. On Sunday morning , when Irma pounds the Keys and no one sticks his nose out, we flee their house ( after warm breakfast of course) to the other coast, which suppose to get just the outskirts of it . All the hotels are booked of course but at last this air bnb option arises . We arrive to the address in the countryside by Palm city on Sunday noon , hurricane winds with us, all the phones alerting additional tornado dangers…we are not in sync and all a wreck. Tomas freaks out when he sees the wast wetlands around, but I am determined to call it a shelter.! After climbing some closed gates and circling around boarded house, to find a way in, squeezing trough packed garage and through inside of a golf cart…we are in , hopefully safe place ! One christian Indian family with 2 girls is there through air bnb and explains that they arrived the night before. We talk, share food, still catch to see on the TV Naples being hit, loose power after that, no running water etc… ,,,,.Really it was not until the sun was up, all calm , that we could see and appreciate the beauty of the place , It is this large place with few residences and pretty horse stable (emty now, they evacuated 24 horse before) called SUMMERWOOD STABLES – center for equine care, education and personal retreat. We walked the property, imagined the horses, bathed at the pool we came across ( both my men little and big insisted on skinny dipping even so I rushed back urging for swimsuit) and did not exactly wanted to leave this retreat. By the way, the owner ( or the manager) of the place was so nice and prompt communicating via text and when I required about the form of payment, she said that since the Air bnb waved their charges during this hurricane, $25,00 per night towards the cleaning is good …if we have it. What a treat.

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