Horse’s Heaven and A Riders Dream

I have been at Summerwood since July and I am absolutely never leaving. This farm is a dream for someone who has the highest aspirations in any discipline but is also a wonderful home for someone who just wants to enjoy their horse, riding or on the ground. I compete in 3 Day Eventing at the preliminary level and also compete in FEI competitions. I was very nervous moving to a new farm due to my horse’s extensive competition schedule and all of the regulations that come with competing in FEIs (medication restrictions etc). Monica has gone above and beyond to make sure that my horse is always properly prepped for his shows. I am a bit of a helicopter mom due to a health issue my horse has and her entire staff is extremely dedicated to making sure Capones medication schedule is followed perfectly. This is the only farm I’ve ever been to where I can go on vacation and not check in on my horse because I know if anything is wrong, I will get a call. Needless to say the horse care is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before, it’s second to none.

Ontop of the impeccable horse care, Monica is dedicated to making sure the individuals who want to compete their horses have the highest level of training. Meghan Michaels is a resident PSG dressage coach who has helped my event horse thrive in the dressage ring as well as Erin Jewett who specializes in ground work, biomedical aspects of horses movement and working with young horses. Summerwood also has an unheard of privilege of having people such as Phillip Dutton, Peter Grey, Juan Larrazabal, Zachary Brandt and many more come to the facility to clinic.

Your horse being happy is everyone’s number one concern. With their massive grass paddocks with shade covers, specialized feeding options, large stalls with fans, covered arena, regulation sized dressage ring with mirrors big jump arena, cross country field and access to countless trails….what more could a horse want ?

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