Dear Monica, Art and Kirsten, Your beloved Summerwood is the kind of equestrian operation that I wish I could clone and bring home. Having worked in a number of different boarding/training facilities over the years I can sincerely say that your place is quite possibly the best I’ve ever stepped foot on. The energy of the animals and people is uplifting and shows just how special you all are 💜. Thank you for welcoming Dave and I with open hearts to Summerwood. Being given the opportunity to participate in my very first Jean Luc Cornille clinic with the support of my amazing husband was an experience I will not forget. Getting to share the passion for the Science of Motion with other fellow course members as well as your working students was the kind of experience I was needing on a level beyond what I have words to describe. I had the time of my life. Getting to meet Jean Luc was something I’m still on cloud nine about. He is one of the most sincere men I’ve ever met. This is no understatement. I felt totally safe with him. Safe to be authentic, safe to learn and safe to show that I’m fully committed to SOM. Your hospitality is generous beyond words and your accommodations are comfortable and exquisite. We are discussing coming back in the Fall for the Lecture Series. Until then, take care of yourselves and kiss Dominiqua and Sara for us. Hi to all 😀. Kind Regards, Kate and Dave

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