I recently returned from attending a clinic with Jean Luc Cornille at Summerwood Stables. It was the best learning experience of my life, and I am not young AND I have been the beneficiary of many high quality and varied learning opportunities in my life. Every aspect of the experience was so fine, I hardly know what to praise first. I knew of Jean Luc, and that inspired the pilgrimage. ( It took five airplanes and a long drive to get there.) A well placed distrust of horse trainers, was quickly supplanted by quiet admiration for Kirsten Nelson. Her students and the horses in her care were all calm, sane, friendly and healthy. The learning atmosphere made it possible for experienced and inexperienced people to all learn happily together and from one another, without fear. The facility is exemplary, clean, spacious , well ordered and again, beautifully calm. The accommodations were delightful; they were quiet comfortable and pleasing to the senses. We felt like honored guests. Our hosts, Art and Monica , are gracious, generous and charismatic. Intensive study often leaves one tired. I learned a great deal in a short time, and left, (reluctantly), nourished in body and soul with my energy and enthusiasm replenished. Kudos and thanks eternal to everyone involved, from the working students and stable hands through Kirsten, Monica and Art, and the incomparable Jean Luc Cornille, my experience at Summerwood Stables was the art of education in its finest

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